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Partnership Structure

EGCP Ltd operates at 3 levels

The overall management of the organisation is governed  by, at  present , 3 directors.

             David Green - Acting Chair

             Tavis Potts

             Graham Humphries

             Mike Skitmore

Advisory Group

Membership of the partnership via a Management Group is open to relevant organisations with an interest in the East Grampian Coastal area. New members will be considered by the existing members at a Management Group meeting. A representative of each of the following organisations holds full member status:


Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Member status is free and available to any group, organisation or individual with an interest in the wellbeing of the East Grampian coast. Those wishing to become members can register here.

Membership gives you;

  • The opportunity to become involved in the management of the area and its resources
  • Access to EGCP seminars and conferences
  • A free copy of the EGCP newsletter to keep you up to date with our work
  • The opportunity to apply to the EGCP Community Grant Scheme

And helps us;

  • Become aware of local issues
  • Encourage the sharing of information through the EGCP Forum